Nanoserv is a server daemon framework for PHP 5.1+

It is distributed under the terms of the GNU Lesser General Public License.

It's a complete rewrite of the shadok sockets PHP4 library (the one behind phpos and sh4re).

It may also become - one day - the core of nanoweb 3.0

Nanoserv main features include :
It is designed to work with PHP 5.1 but you will need PHP 5.3+ to take advantage of some features like namespaces.

Any feedback, ideas, help for documentation writing or beta-testing, would be greatly appreciated !


There is no real documentation at the moment.

The classes reference should be helpful, and you can have a look at the few examples to begin with.

For a list of past and future changes, have a look at the ChangeLog and TODO files.



  1. Make sure you have a recent PHP-cli binary installed in your path
  2. Download and extract the latest version of nanoserv
  3. You may want to install phpDocumentor to generate the nanoserv API documentation: pear install phpDocumentor
  4. Build and install nanoserv: ./configure && make && make install


Please e-mail the author if you have any questions, bug reports or code submissions.